Over the range microwaves are the most common type of oven across North America. These appliances are used daily in homes and businesses, and can sometimes go wrong. With an Over the Range microwave, you have the best of kitchen convenience literally over your head. These microwave ovens include popular features such as upgrades and performance designs that enhance kitchen style, provide optimal cooking results, and make your life easier. Over the range microwaves as well as dishwashers, standalone ovens, countertop ranges or wall ovens are some of the ways you and your family enjoy meals. We’ll help you fix your appliance, assist in maintenance and doing any necessary installation – and diagnose, repair and maintain your existing equipment in the years to come.

If you are faced with the task of repairing your Over the Range Microwaves, simply call us for a rapid response. We will then give you a quick site visit and quote to repair your appliance by qualified engineers. If you need to install an Over the Range Microwaves, then please give us a call, our friendly staff can visit your home and provide a free quotation.

Your search for a quality over the range microwave repairs in Surrey is over. We provide professional service for all models of over the range microwave ovens. No one will have time to fix your problem as quickly and economically as our technicians. At Maple Appliances Ltd., our expert technicians can repair almost every type of over the range microwave. Call us today to schedule an appointment in Surrey/ Delta/ Langley / Vancouver or in nearby cities.

We service both built-in and over the range microwaves. If your microwave is no longer heating, or stops heating after a while, or displays an error code, call us or email us to schedule an appointment. Based on our initial diagnosis of the problem we will provide you with an estimate for repair and/or installation service.

At Maple Appliances Ltd., we specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of all brands of over the range microwave. We also offer appliance repair for all other types of small appliances. Our technicians are equipped with modern tools and equipment to help us diagnose your kitchen appliance’s problems and make sure it’s fixed promptly and correctly.